Top Best Charlie Brown I Still Miss Tom Petty Shirt

Price when you’re choosing t-shirts on. Print on demand and there’s a reason for. That. That’s because the fabric is not very. Soft. All right it’s not nice it’s not that. Nice feeling at all i mean it’s okay. After a couple of washes but. Initially um not the best feeling and. That’s why it’s uh. The least expensive um but it’s a cool. Tee. No side seam and the fit is. It’s okay um it’s not boxy and it’s it’s. Not. Tapered or or like really fitted. Um fabric.. Not the best feeling man not the best. Best feeling. But it does have a rip away tag which is. Always good. Uh let’s take a look at it from the back. Um. Cool t-shirt but um i would say low. On lower on the quality scale. And the price 279 so you can see it’s a. Little bit less. And you know hey you get what you pay. For guys. All right gildan. Next level check this one out now great. Thing about. Next level is look at the fit really.

Great fit nice. Fitted to the body great i mean you can. See it on the mannequin. Here so let’s lay it out and um. First you know we’re going to give it a. Nice little feel and. Um it feels great it’s really. Soft really nice all right it’s. Um definitely a higher quality shirt and. Also. You’re gonna see right here that it too. Has a side seam. Okay which is a um telltale sign of a. Higher quality shirt and. The rip away tag here it is from the. Back the price. Of 439 so uh it’s a little bit it’s. It’s up there all right it’s up there. But it is a higher quality more premium. T-shirt. Next level. Bella canvas good old bella canvas. You’ve heard about them. Several times here at t-shirt help desk. Great t-shirt really light. Airy soft fantastic t-shirt with a great. Fit alright and let’s take a look as you. Guys. Should know bella canvas also has the. Side. Seam okay which gives it a really nice. Fit it’s light it’s not a heavy fabric. And it’s. Really really soft and of course it has. The. Rip away tag and as stated. Previously bella is one of the softest. On the market. All right right up there with next level. And in alternative apparel. Here it is from the back and the price. 439. But that’s from a middleman you can. Get it from bella canvas as most of. These for about. A dollar to 80 90 cents cheaper. Bella canvas. Next american apparel yes they are still. Around okay. Um they are really soft t-shirts. Really nice all right and just to let. You know this t-shirt. All the other ones were largest this one. Is a medium so if it seems extra snug. That’s because it is one size down okay. But it does have a. Really good fit all right and it has. That side seam okay so it is a. More premium shirt with a nice. Fit okay this is it from the side you. Can see that it is a good. Slim fit all right and it. Yes has the rip away tag. So great to brand with this. Is it from the back all right the price. 392 all right so it’s more on the. Premium side but. A little bit less and like all the other. Ones if you go straight to the. Manufacturer you can get it. For less all right guys as you can. See all of the t-shirts are 100 cotton i. Didn’t want to get into anything crazy. I didn’t want to get into the tri-blends. Or anything fancy schmancy like that. That’s gonna be for another video i. Wanted to keep it basic. 100 cotton t-shirts but there is one. Exception i. Am going to show you guys one 100. Polyester tee. This is a great t-shirt for any of you. Guys who are doing. Active who are doing sports people who. Are working out. Golf anything where people may be. Working out and get sweaty. Because 100 polyester is a natural. Wicking. Fabric meaning that if you’re sweating. It naturally will kind of. Wick that sweat away and another thing. About 100. Polyester tees is that they are. Great for sublimation in fact really. It’s the only thing you really. Can use for sublimation all right so if. You want to sublimate small and if you. Want to do. Those big all over sublimation tees you. Need a. 100 or at least a very high polyester. Content. But one little thing if you’re doing. Sublimation. This shirt has to be a light. Color preferably white all right. So let me show you. This is the jerseys dry power sport. T-shirt. Great shirt and it feels like a regular. T-shirt that’s what’s so great. About it alright so this is it. And it feels very similar to a standard. Jersey t-shirt if you didn’t know the. Difference you probably couldn’t tell. And it is soft. Not the softest but it is a soft t-shirt. In the back it doesn’t have the rip away. Tag. Okay so um branding. Is gonna be a little bit tricky but um. The price is also a little bit uh. More 563 this is it from the back but if. You want to do that athletic stuff. This is the way to go. That was a lot of t-shirts guys they. Were in no. Particular order i really wasn’t trying. To critique like that. I just wanted to present them to you so. You can make. Your decision on what’s going to be in. Your t-shirt line. Now when it comes to actually purchasing. These t-shirts. You can go to each brand’s respective. Website. But please note a lot of these companies. Are going to require you to have a. Wholesale or a. Retail license they may want to see your. Website. All right so you know you may have to do. That but you’re gonna get the absolute. Best prices now if you don’t have that. No worries you can go to places like. Which is where i got all of these shirts. Okay they have you covered you don’t. Need. Any of that stuff you can just go you. Can buy as little. Or as many as you like so anyway guys. That’s all i got for you today. I’m gonna put some butt on my shoes and. Slide on. Out the dope cheers to your t-shirts. Start a t-shirt business or die trying. And do something good for somebody and. If you don’t have anyone to do something. Good for. Do something good for yourself god bless. And peace. Shirt man shirt man yeah that’s me. That’s when you take your t-shirt line. To a hoe. Damn that’s taking it to another level. Baby.

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