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For most men the t-shirt and Jean look. Is their default outfit but all too. Often it looks terrible ugly dad jeans. Oversized t-shirts guys we’ve got to. Stop I’m sharing with you seven ways to. Wear a t-shirt and jeans and look. Amazing this first look drawing from the. 1950s we’re going for a classic cool. Old-school look first up let’s start. With the jeans going with a. Close-fitting pair of indigo denim and. Make sure you choose a pair with no. Holes we don’t want the distressed look. Let’s roll the cuff just slightly for a. Rugged cool appearance next up let’s add. The classic white t-shirt this is as. Timeless as it gets. In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt originally were used as. Undershirts. So gold with white is a callback to the. Roots of this menswear staple and keep. Them with the old-school look go with a. Dark brown combat style boot for a. Rugged aesthetic rounding off the outfit. We’ve got a great look and watch I chose. A core negraph with a silver case Navy. Dial and a dark brown leather band any. Man in reasonably good shape can rock. This outfit and look amazing hi Jen it’s.

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Time to embrace your dark side. So let’s switch out the Indigo for a. Pair of black jeans in a slim cut now. Let’s add a black v-neck t-shirt this. Creates a monochromatic look which lets. The eyes go up and down and creates a. Slimmer silhouette this combination is. Perfect for shorter or heavier guys as. It makes you look a little bit taller. And a little bit leaner the v-neck also. Emphasizes and broadens the chest making. You appear more muscular keeping with. The theme let’s go ahead and match this. With a pair of black fashioned sneakers. And please gentlemen don’t ruin this. Look with running shoes finally complete. The look with a stylish watch maybe with. A little bit of red accent right there. On the dial now this is a bold outfit. It’s gonna best compliment a man with a. High contrast complexion we’re talking. Darker hair lighter to medium colored. Skin that being said if you’ve got dark. Skin and dark hair this combination. Works for you too now just because. You’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Doesn’t mean you have to look super. Casual Let’s go bold here for this combination. Let’s start off with a pair of white. Jeans and match it with a burgundy. V-neck tee tuck in the shirt add a. Casual leather belt as you can see I. Chose one in dark brown right here. And now let’s elevate this look by. Bringing in a navy cotton blazer and. Don’t forget to toss in a fun pocket. Square and if you want to make this. Outfit look a little less buttoned up a. Little bit more cool go ahead and roll. The sleeves on the blazer. As for the footwear let’s go ahead and. Choose a pair of dark brown brogues and. Finish off the look with a silver watch. With a metal band I tell you this outfit. Right here killer simple casual but. Still sharp and put together so adding.

T-Shirt Shop In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

The right style pieces to your t-shirt. And Jean combination can make you look. Like a total badass so to start this. Look off let’s go back to our dark. Indigo jeans this is gonna be our base. This time let’s pair it up with a dark. Grey t-shirt so on top of this. Combination we’re gonna throw on a dark. Brown leather jacket this is gonna add. The bad-boy vibe seriously denim and. Leather have both been shown in studies. To give off the feeling of strong. Masculinity and a rugged appeal and. Let’s have a bit of flair to the outfit. By wearing a pair of suede Chelsea boots. To color let’s go with honey this right. Here is gonna be a little bit lighter. It’s gonna add a pop of color and draw. Attention and get you complements let’s. Top off the outfit with a nice watch a. Sleek chronograph with a gold case green. Dial and a brown leather strap sometimes. You just want to be laid-back and this. Outfit is the perfect way to show it so. We want to start this outfit off with a. Well-worn well fitted pair of distressed. Denim next up we’re gonna match it with. That classic white t-shirt next up we’re. Gonna add a grey button down over the. T-shirt we’re gonna leave it unbuttoned. And we’re gonna roll the sleeves for a. Relaxed look for the shoes let’s go with. The white sneakers as you can see they. Work really well with the white shirt. And with the pattern in the button-down. And of course bringing a nice watch. A simple chronograph with a silver case. White dial and blue leather strap now a. Lot of guys may think hey this outfit is. Too sloppy but it’s all about the fit. Gentlemen nail the fit with the. Button-down nail it with the t-shirt. Nail it with the jeans and you can make. This very casual look still look great.

Every man needs a great look for when. The warm weather hits however what we’re. Talking about here is something a little. Bit more attention grabbing. I’m telling you gents white jeans are. The perfect color choice when you want. To stand out and the hi they’re a bit eye-catching. But they’re also casual they’re. Comfortable and they’re gonna keep you a. Lot cooler than dark-colored Emma and to. Give them an even more relaxed look and. Make them cooler make sure to roll the. Bottom of your Jean cuffs for more. Ventilation now the pair with the white. Jeans let’s go ahead and add a striped. Navy tee I know it’s a bold combination. So you have to have confidence to be. Able to pull this off. Next up bringing some great Footwear. Like two-tone penny loafers and now. You’ve got a breathable stylish look and. Of course top off the look with a casual. Chronograph watch in gray for a solid. Combination so for this look let’s go. Back to our classic indigo jeans and. We’re going to pair them with a light. Gray crew neck t-shirt you want to add a. Denim jacket but let me be clear you. Want a different shade than your jeans. We’re not looking for the Canadian. Tuxedo look I find for most combinations. Having a little bit of contrast there is. A much better look so for your Footwear. Choice let’s go with something classic. But let’s go with something casual how. About long winged ropes and finally. Finish off the look with a great-looking. Watch in a silver case black dial and an. Eye-catching green strap which. Combination did you love which. Combination did you hate I want to hear. From you down in the comments so what. The store to watch next how about the. Essential wardrobe items every man needs. In his closet in 2020.

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