Review Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt

Decent it’s quite slightly oversized to. Be fair. Um fits not bad i’d say it’s a tiny bit. Short just a tiny. Bit but it’s definitely more of like an. Oversized fit. What are you thinking algae i really. Like that yeah. Do you um it’s nice the one thing about. Adidas material i’m going to mention. Is it’s a it’s not like dead dead soft. And not you know nice on the skin it’s a. Little bit. Rough around the edges that’s one thing. That i’m going to say but. Apart from that it’s very nice right. Next up. I’m going to match it with these joggers. Review Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt So these are like a tapered fit sort of. Football jogger. But i think they’re going to be really. Good for the gym and for just chilling. Around the house i really like the color. As well. That is turquoisey green very ideal. These are in a size medium. We’re also just going to make a complete. Outfit so i’m going to pair it with. These adidas oswegos.

These were our absolute bargain i think. It came to like 60 quid or something. After the discount. Triple black if you’ve not tried oswego. Guys you need to give them a go because. They are honestly so comfy laura has got. Like three pairs i’ve got about three. Pairs. The pro the comfiest trainers i own and. The proper. Wear as well aren’t they like they’re. Really nice they match with quite a lot. Of different outfits. Let’s pair this together. [Music]. All right guys nice little street wear. Casual athleisure outfit. It’s not bad can’t go wrong with adidas. I think the trainers are really comfy. I know the pants are a little bit out. There like this bright green color i. Know some of you guys probably not going. To want to wear this but. It’s a little bit different like i’ve. Always got gray navy. Black it’s nice to mix it up and the the. Jugs actually fit really well these are. A size medium. Nice and comfy zip pockets which is. Ideal. Black jacket. And on top of this we’re going to throw. On this black. Truck jacket size extra large. Very stripy this outfit isn’t striped. A very stripy outfit but it’s nice if. You’re playing footy with the lads this. Is a very good outfit. Going to the gym chilling around the gap. Or you just want to like.

Go and get some shopping you just want. To knit to tesco. Get a few bits always at the traffic. Center aren’t we though that is one. Thing i’m probably missing a lot about. This lockdown. Not being able to go to the trafford. Center the gym the traffic center and. The cinema. I probably my three things you know like. The traffic. And like doing vlogs for you guys. Shopping it’s. Never mind anyway we’re here now. Let’s move on to the next outfit this. One is actually pretty nice. It’s quite a big fit but i think it does. Fit quite true to size. It’s really nice quality and it’s not. Too in your face it’s only got like a. Minimal stripe down the side. [Music]. Oh guys this is very nice so again. Keeping the streetwear theme. This is like an oversized sort of. Sweater i decided to go for an. Xl in this just because i like sweaters. To be a little bit bigger. It’s it’s more of a trend at the minute. As well i’d say to get. The clothes that are slightly bigger for. You i know like menswear you’re always. Going to stick to the essentials like. Nice fitting clothes. I’d rather be a little bit too big than. Too small. Spins yeah it like spins around the arm. So. Like twizzles and then you go around. Whoa. It’s actually really nice really nice.

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Quality as well like i said. The t-shirt wasn’t that soft this is. Really nice and soft. Very ideal very nice i really like this. It’s quite big but i think it looks like. A nice fit. Does it i think it’d look a nice fit on. Me as well you’re not having it. All right next outfit we’ve got another. Pair of trainers oswegos. In a different color which colorway do. You prefer guys. This one with the white sole and a. Little bit of the reflective strip. Or the triple black let me know in the. Comments and then. I’ll keep you know i mean i’ll keep the. Ones that you say i think i might prefer. These. Laura keeps going on that she prefers. These ones but. I think i might as well do yeah yeah. All right so next outfit we’ve got a. Nice training t-shirt from adidas. Obviously it’s an idios hall what am i. Saying um we got. Some joggers which are the same style. But like a different colorway and. They’ve not got stripes down the side. So the same fit but i actually got a. Size large in these because. Because they didn’t have a size medium. So i just thought i’d try them anyway. And it’s two different sizes for you. Guys to like compare i’m six foot two. About. I don’t know like 90 kilos and i need to. Get in lose a bit of weight. Chubby chubberson um but yeah i. Definitely go for a medium in the. Joggers. They’re just a little bit too big for me. A little bit too long and a bit big on. The waist. I really like the color of them i think. The color. Is spot on i like this three stripes. Down the side here and the trainers. I’ve got to say i think i prefer these. Ones to the triple black. I just think it gives a little bit more. Like pop.

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