Never Underestimate A Woman Who Loves Camping And Was Born In April Shirt

I put it down to dark magic. But I’m still happy with the t-shirt. And then this one I actually have absolutely warned to death. Never Underestimate A Woman Who Loves Camping And Was Born In April Shirt But it is one of my favourite ones, I do love a navy t-shirt. And it is of Platform 9 3/4 and it is from the Platform 9 3/4 shop. But just a lovely navy t-shirt that again I wear under a lot of jumpers. It is a favourite of mine, I actually wore this underneath, The portrait that I did, the Wizarding portrait, so I have this like velvet like. I don’t know what it is, like this like medieval jacket but I was wearing this t-shirt underneath it, so it’s extra magical. Next one is another PR product that I received from Zavvi. And it was of their dark arts collection, so it’s got this like cool embroidered dark mark. And then it also has the dark mark on the back in green, there’s a selection of the clothing that they brought out. With some really cool things and I was allowed .

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To choose which ones I would like. And I chose this one in another sweatshirt, but this is the . T-shirt of that one that I got. So very fortunate to get that. Zavvi have a lot of cool things, so . Do check them out. This one is probably the most recent t-shirt that I have, which I only showed in my last video, this came from the Loot Crate box. And it features all these, well, beasts, Can I call them Fantastic Beasts…I guess so. There a thestral, billywig, a dragon, doxy, a bow truckle, thunderbird, there just, yeah it’s great  . I’ve never really seen t-shirts with this and I love how subtle this is. And it’s a lovely navy too, sorry, hopefully you can see that. It’s a lovely navy too, still really soft because it’s brand new.

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I actually forgot about the one I was wearing. A recent purchase of mine, I just loved how simple it was it’s Harry Potter. And it fits in shot when I’m filming, so when I was gonna do a Harry Potter t-shirt video. This one was ideal, of course I was going to go for that one. So of the official Harry Potter t-shirts and Harry Potter clothes that I have is 34, Who knew? Even I didn’t know how many, I had to count them when I was doing it and I had a lot of ironing to do.

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