Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt

These kids aren’t playing. The game some of them are sitting out. Their senior season the season that. They’re supposed to shine that maybe. Gives them that great college. Scholarship. Well yeah there’s a lot going on it’s. Very frustrating for college coaches too. I’m i mean i’ll be on. Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt – Moteefe The phone with a guy from arizona state. When we get off the. This interview they’re frustrated.

Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt

Because they they love to come see. Kids you know part of their process is. Meeting someone. It’s really uh hard from a distance to. To truly get to know someone. The reality is kids all over this state. Are struggling and. And if i’ve learned one thing in this. Last week you know we’re 6 000 humble. Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt Football coaches with our staff. Who work very hard i. I cannot emphasize to you enough the. Political arrogance and let me give you. Examples. I in good faith have reached out for our. Local county supervisor.

Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az T Shirt

Nathan fletcher to meet daily mutual. Friends contacting him. People on twitter every time he tweets. He’s dealing with our issue. Because our people won’t let him not. Deal with the issue he won’t return my. Call. You know we have a governor and i. Realize he has a difficult job. But he’s on tv talking about two. Gorillas yesterday contracting coven. And i love animals i love animals as. Much as the next guy. But i have an athlete in oakland. California we have different. Socioeconomic conditions at our schools. The coach shared a story yesterday. A kid left their program two of them. Went back to gang life one of them’s.

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Already dead. We’ve had kids commit suicide we have. Kids with depression. Anxiety a sense of hopelessness and our. Governor’s on tv. Talking about two gorillas like i don’t. Understand. Why we cannot get engagement on this. Issue. We in a week have gathered all the data. From our in-state workouts. Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt We’ve touched our kids over a million. Times. We have tracked all coveted cases we. Have two coveted cases that have been. Traced back to workouts. In over a million touches and here’s. What

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