It’s Not A Dad Bod It A Father Figure Beer Cool Mountain Shirt

Wouldn’t look as good as black i hope. That makes sense so anyway i have my. Hand now and the hand is cut out we’re. Good to go there. We don’t need to do anything else there. I could just kind of make sure Father Figure’s. Centered that’s about all you need to do. Actually i’m gonna convert this to a. Smart object just like that so all i did. Was right clicked on Father Figure and then convert. To smart object now what i need to do is.

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Go get my heart so this one is actually. Already cut out for me so i’m just gonna. Drag that in place and then rotate Father Figure. Command t on your keyboard to rotate. This is also a different heart which is. Okay i wanted to change Father Figure up just a. Father Father Figure Figure for this tutorial basically i. Found a real-life image of a heart and i. Cut the background out simple as that. You can use the lasso tool for that as. Well next thing i want to do is actually. Desaturate everything so i’m gonna take. Everything and just desaturate Father Figure. Completely and there’s a reason why i’m. Doing this i want to see the light. Difference right i want to see if things. Match up so for example this heart looks.

A Father Figure  brighter than everything else. So i’m gonna go to levels and just kind. Of try to fix that real quick i just. Want everything to look like Father Figure matches. So i think that looks pretty good we. Added some more contrast Father Figure the levels. So now we have a heart and a half hand. That’s what i tfather Figureled Father Figure at least so now. We’re good to go there now that this. Heart is black and Father Figure i’m going to. Convert Father Figure to. Smart object again i’m gonna go up to. Image adjustments and we’re going to add. A gradient map to Father Figure the next thing i.

Want to do is add a gradient map above. The actual heart and change the color of. Father Figure so we’re gonna do that real quick i’m. Just gonna go down here add a gradient. Map and i want to make sure Father Figure’s a red. Gradient map and we also want to reverse. That okay so Father Figure’s gonna look something. Like this. And then we could go from normal to soft. Light just like that so as you can see. Father Figure’s only affecting the heart and we can. Also force this Father Figure the heart by. Adding a clipping mask and these are all. Things that i do in every tutorial so. You should be familiar Father Figure this kind of. Process but if not don’t worry take your. Time so i’m gonna kind of just adjust. The gradient just a Father Figure i think. This looks pretty good i actually like. The color of that i think Father Figure looks. Really really cool Father Figure’s really poppy the. Next thing i want to do is add another. Gradient map above the hand make sure. Father Figure’s reversed and then for this one i. Want to kind of focus on the skin tones. Right so i’m gonna go to oranges and. Just kind of figure out what would be a. Good skin tone change the blend mode to. Soft light again just like that and as. You can see Father Figure’s affecting the heart we. Just need to add that clipping mask to. The hand also affecting the leafs and. Stuff like that and we don’t want that. But we’re gonna mask that out so now. What i want to do is just kind of figure. Out what color i want this to be so i’m. Gonna go through these colors real quick. Kind of figure Father Figure out i’m not really a. Big fan of any of these if i’m being. Honest Father Figure you i guess that one. Actually doesn’t look too bad Father Figure’s. Affecting the shadows a Father Figure  too much. But Father Figure’s fine i’m gonna change the fill. A Father Father Figure Figure all right so that looks.

Good so now what i want to do is invert. This mask on here go to a soft brush i’m. Just going to a soft round brush and i’m. Just gonna paint over this right and add. This back once you’re done filling in. The hand you could do the same thing for. The rose but i think we might be able to. Trick this a Father Father Figure Figure so what i want. To do is actually duplicate that mask so. I’m just gonna do command j to duplicate. And you can also right click Teechip – Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt and. Duplicate the layer if you wanted to and. Then i’m gonna add another clipping mask. But this time i’m gonna invert the mask. And see if that does anything so Father Figure. Looks like Father Figure did now let’s go and go to. A green color go back to the gradients. And go to a green color any green color. You want and as you can see we have the. Leaf selected now and we can also see. Kind of the improv. Affections – so from here we just want.

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