Harry Potter Hates Ohio T-Shirt Collection

My secrets out you can see me through it. And then i almost missed one who’s. Warrick davis tiffany why is that so. Special. Hi everyone welcome back or welcome if. You are new today i want to show you my. Entire. Harry potter t-shirt collection. I’ve collected so many t-shirts. Throughout the years and i want to share. Them all with you. So let’s get into the store. All right so as you can see we have a. Lot of t-shirts here. I’m going to try to divide them by all. The places that i’ve got them from. And i want to make the store somewhat. Quick for you guys i’m not even sure how. Many pieces i have here so let’s start. Off with that i’m going to count each. Piece that we have and i will get you. That total. All right so i have a total of 24 harry. Potter. T-shirts that’s insane let’s go through. Each piece and i’ll show you where i got. Them from. And why i bought them all of those fun. Things so let’s go ahead and get into it. All right i don’t even know where to. Start so i’m just going to go ahead and. Pick up one of these piles. So the first Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt pile that we have here are. Gonna be these three t-shirts. I got them all from seeker and slade. They are a small. Shop i found them off of instagram they. Have some really cute t-shirts inspired. From the harry potter series. This first t-shirt here says sprouts. Botanical garden.

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It is so cute so this one is inspired by. Professor. Sprout so it’s going to have different. Things that you might find. In her greenhouse my favorite one is. Going to be the. Mandrake let’s see if you can see that. Here. Right here on the bottom and then here. At the bottom it tells you all the. Different ingredients that are on the. T-shirt. I will link all the shops down below so. If you want to find any of these. T-shirts. Some of them may be out of stock because. I’ve collected a lot of these t-shirts. Throughout the years. I’ve been a fan of harry potter for. Quite a long time but if i find them. I’ll definitely link them down in my. Description box. So that is going to be the first t-shirt. My next t-shirt that i got from there.

That’s another one of my all-time. Favorites is going to be this one that’s. Inspired by honeydukes it says. Anything off the trolley. That was probably the worst accent i. Don’t know what it is. But i always have to say that quote with. An accent but i’m so sorry i know i. Probably didn’t do that justice. But i just love this t-shirt it’s so. Cute it’s definitely inspired by the. Honeydukes colors. That bright mint color with that nice. Pop of pink in the text.

And it’s just simple and very cute what. I really like about this shop. Is that all their pieces don’t just. Scream harry potter. Not like the shirt that i’m wearing. Currently that just says gryffindor with. The crest on it. So this one is clearly harry potter. T-shirt but someone. That doesn’t really know Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt. That well would see this shirt and they. Might not get it right away. And i think that’s so special so someone. Points it out i know they’re a true. Harry potter fan.

So i do love their t-shirts so that. Leaves us with the last t-shirt that. I’ve got from them. This one is inspired by the order so in. The front here. It’s going to be just on the like side. Pocket if you had like a side pocket i. Know there’s not a pocket on this. T-shirt. But you get what i mean so this has the. Key for grimmel. Place so it’s number 12 grimmell play so. The number 12 is on there. And it has a phoenix for the order i. Just think this is so. Cute and then the back is where it’s. Really banging. Because it shows you grandma place i. Hope i’m getting. Everything in the screen but the back of. The shirt is just so. Gorgeous i love this piece i love the. Colors. It’s this really pretty light gray with. The pops of. Tan and blue throughout it so i want to. Show you the close-up of the. Door number 12.

It’s just so cute. All right so that was the first three. T-shirts and they were from seeker and. Slade. Next i have a couple t-shirts that i got. From target i love. Target it’s one of my favorite stores in. The whole wide world and that they carry. Some harry potter merchandise. Oh just makes it that much better so the. First one is going to be the t-shirt. That i’m wearing. It’s just a simple gryffindor tee and it. Has the. Crest on it it’s in gryffindor’s colors. It’s so cute i just love this t-shirt i. Believe i even got it in the men’s. Department. That’s where all the cool harry potter. T-shirts are hidden. So if you’re having a hard time finding. Some harry potter tees go check out the. Men’s t-shirts. My next one from target is going to be. This deathly hallows t-shirt. It’s in this really pretty heathered.

Gray color. And it just has this simple deathly. Hallows logo. I like pairing this one with my black. Jean shorts it looks so cute tucked in. But that is going to be my deathly. Hallows tea my next one is this. Platform nine and three quarters tea and. At the bottom it says hogwarts express. Very simple very cute also from the. Men’s department. The next one was from the juniors. Department this one is so cute. I just wore this one in my alex and ani. Collection haul. It is so adorable so it has 12 different. Harry potter icons on here it’s so cute. It’s got a time turner it’s got the. Sorting hat. It’s got what’s this one oh the potions. Master book. It has a snitch it’s got harry’s glasses. It’s got a little bit of everything on. Here it’s so cute and then it’s on. This gray tee and at the very bottom. Here it has the harry potter logo. And it’s definitely one that i wear. Often i love this t-shirt.

all right these next ones i got from. Some subscription boxes that i’ve been a. Part of. So the first one here is going to be. From the accio box and it’s a hogwarts. Acceptance letter. And on the very bottom here it says. Still waiting. And then on the back they have their. Accio logo. Very simple very cute i love what they. Use to make these t-shirts on they’re. Very buttery soft. They are the bella canvas t-shirts and i. Love these ones. Seeker inflate also makes our t-shirts. With the same brand. I love how simple and clean this one. Looks it’s so cute. So this one is definitely one of my. Favorites all right these next ones i. Believe are from. Geek gear and to be totally honest and. Transparent. These are not my absolute favorite if. These shirts didn’t come in a. Subscription box. I probably wouldn’t have went out of my. Way to purchase them. So the first one here says give socks. Free elf it’s very cute. It’s just a little too gimmicky for me i. Don’t really. Love a t-shirt with a huge font like. This and as much as i love the colors of. This shirt it’s a simple white with this. Really pretty teal. I’m just not a big fan of the giant text. That goes down the entire front. Middle of the shirt here so for that. Reason i don’t really wear this one out. This is just one of the t-shirts that i. Would wear to bed i don’t find myself. Grabbing this one or wearing this one. Very often the next one is kind of the. Same case. I really like the color i’m just not a.

Really big fan of the artwork on here. They are some cornish pixies but as you. Know for my harry potter amazon haul. I do love cornish pixies i just am not a. Huge fan of this big. Silhouette t-shirt so for that reason i. Don’t wear it that often. This next one is more of a death eaters. Themed t-shirt. It has a death eaters mask on the front. I think this one is bellatrix lestrange. And i do think that the. Design is pretty unique i haven’t seen. Anything like this one before. But i am just not the biggest fan of it. I don’t like the big artwork down the. Middle the next one. Would be my absolute favorite t-shirt. And i have worn this one out. I think it’s really cute because i just. Love dobby. So this one is a dobby themed one it. Says free house elves. Donate a sock and then on the very. Bottom here it has. Spew written on this side which stands. For society promotion elfish welfare. So that is the design of this one i. Think i’ve worn this one to the parks. Before. I’ve tucked it into my black jean shorts. I think you can even tell that i’ve worn. It quite often. It’s a little faded because i’ve washed. It a little bit. They’re not made on the highest quality. Tees and that’s just one thing about. Geekers t-shirts they’re not made with. The highest quality of t-shirt. Material that’s why most of those are. Not my favorite but i do like this one a. Lot. I know a few of you in the comments have. Suggested that i should do some. Subscription box unboxings if you are. Interested in seeing that kind of. Content for me. Let me know in the comments below i. Don’t know how soon i’d be able to do a. Subscription box unboxing yet. But if you do have any suggestions i. Want to hear from you what boxes you are. Interested in. Leave them in the comments below all. Right these next ones are from the. Wizarding world at universal studios in. Orlando. This first t-shirt is a purple one. And it is the night bus inspired of. Course if it’s gonna be purple it’s. Probably gonna be a night bus so on the. Top left corner of the shirt it has the. Night bus logo here and then everywhere. Else is just purple. It’s super simple so on the back it says. All destinations. Nothing underwater just like it says on. The back of the night bus itself. All right so that’s the night bus tee. All right so the next one is a tank top. And it just has the gryffindor crest in. The middle here. And this is actually a pajama tank top. They have it pairing with pajama shorts. Or pajama pants. But i think the tank top is super cute. And most people wouldn’t even know that. It’s a pajama shirt. But i think it’s super cute but now you. Guys all know. My secret’s out but i probably will. Still wear it out in public because i. Think it’s just a super cute simple. Gryffindor tank top the next two you. Would have already seen if you’ve seen. My universal studios haul. I will link it in a card above so we. Have this hogwarts alumni. Long sleeve t-shirt it’s in the simple. Gray heathered color. And it’s very buttery soft and i love a. Good long sleeve t-shirt moment. So we have this one the next one is. Going to be. A spirit jersey and this is a hogwarts. Spirit jersey it’s in a very light gray. Color. With a maroon pop and then it is also. Long sleeve of course and it has these. Two stripes on both sleeves. So in the front here it just has the. Hogwarts crest so this is a hogwarts. Spirit jersey. And then i almost missed one we also. Have this one from universal and i would. Have showed this one in my universal. Studios haul. And it is the butterbeer t-shirt very. Soft and cozy and it’s in that brown. Heathered color so this one is just a. Simple butterbeer design. Love this one so this one is one of my. Favorites it’s. So cute it’s this really pretty tie-dye. Design. And then it has the deathly hallows in. The center. With this beautiful rose floral. Design on the edges of the deathly. Hallows. And then here’s the back with more of. That tie-dye design. It is so beautiful i love this t-shirt. And this one is from boxed lunch. I love this t-shirt it’s only t-shirt i. Have from there i have a long sleeve. From there. That i don’t have in this video but i’ve. Worn it before and it’s a green one that. I wore my harry potter amazon favorites. Part two. And that one is also from box lunch i. Believe that that one is dirty i. Couldn’t find it to show you. In this video so i actually do have two. T-shirts that i bought from box lunch. The next one i have is really special to. Me this one i bought at hot topic. And you might be seeing this one and. You’re gonna be like tiff why is that. One so. Special to you it’s just a gryffindor. T-shirt and it. Is it’s just a gryffindor t-shirt it. Looks very faded. But this one is so special to me because. I wore this when i went to universal. Studios in orlando. And i met warwick davis and if you’re. Like. Who’s warwick davis tiffany why is that. So special. He’s the actor that played grip hook and. Professor. Flitwick yes i met him at the parks. He was so kind i was completely. Starstruck when i met him. If you want to hear more of the story. Please let me know in the comments below. I can make a story time about it. But it’s so crazy how it happened and it. Was very random i had no idea that i. Would run into him there. So that’s what makes this t-shirt my. Favorite t-shirt because it has that. Special meaning behind. It and i just remember that special time. That i had. So i love this one and it is super cozy. And soft and it was from hot topic if i. Didn’t say that before. This next stack is from some etsy shops. All right this next one. I think you would have seen me wear it. In my universal haul i believe. And it says okay but first butterbeer. And i’ve worn this one. To the theme parks before and i think. It’s so cute. One of my good friends gifted it to me. We had matching t-shirts that day. I really love this butterbeer t-shirt. And butterbeer is amazing if you haven’t. Tried it before. I highly recommend it if you ever go to. The park and you can also make it at. Home. It’s so yummy this next one is a swish. And. Flick t-shirt so that would be inspired. By professor footwick. He says that in the charms class when. They’re doing the wingardium. Leviosa charm so this one’s very cute. And simple i’ve worn this one to the. Parks before. I actually ordered it in a size two big. But that was totally okay because i just. Cut the bottom of it off and made it. Into. More of a crop top and i was much more. Happy with that. So this one’s a little more wide than i. Would like but i still made it work. Because i cropped it off and it is super. Cute very simple. This light peachy pink color with the. Black font on it. All right this next one says accio. Whiskey. And this one is actually my husband’s. T-shirt i don’t know where my matching. One went. So i’m just showing you his so right. After our wedding we took our honeymoon. At universal studios in orlando and we. Wore these. Matching t-shirts so his said accio. Whiskey and it has. This bottle of whiskey on here that says. Hogwarts bourbon whiskey. Nine and three quarters percent alcohol. All right so if you can see that here. And it’s in this really. Pretty maroon color with the gold. Foiling. Font hope you can see everything. On there so my t-shirt said accio. Champagne if i can find a picture of it. I will put it on the screen here. But i can’t find where i put it so. That’s why i just went ahead and showed. You my husband’s t-shirt. And the last one that came from a etsy. Shop is this dumbledore’s. Army tank top and at the very bottom it. Says. Hogwarts so this t-shirt is a cross. Between. Harry potter and sons of anarchy so i’m. A huge fan of both. So me and one of my girlfriends love. Sons of anarchy and harry potter. So she actually gifted me this tank top. And it’s so cute we actually were. Matching ones to the park. I think it’s so cool and something so. Different than anything i’ve seen before. So i really love this one all right so i. Only have three more t-shirts and these. Ones are kind of miscellaneous because i. Don’t remember exactly where they are. From. Most of them are gifts so i have this. Hogwarts alumni t-shirt that one of my. Best friends got me and it’s a v-neck. And it’s just gray with some maroon font. Very soft very cute the next one is this. Gryffindor t-shirt so it has the. Caressed on the corner there and then on. The back. It says gryffindor and it is pretty. See-through i don’t know if that’s. Showing up on camera but let me see. Yeah look you can see me through it. So yes it’s very see-through it’s very. Thin. It’s in this heathered material but it’s. Very cute and it’s. Great for florida because it’s so hot. Here so you definitely want some. T-shirts that can breathe. And then this last one was gifted to me. From my husband. And it is this really cute picket. T-shirt. And it shows him coming out of the. Pocket here i think you might have got. This one from amazon i’m not 100. Sure but as i said before if i find all. These items i will definitely link them. In my description box below all right so. That concludes today’s harry potter. T-shirt collection haul if you’d like. This Harry Potter Hates Ohio T-Shirt Collection . Please give me a big thumbs up don’t. Forget to like. Turn on your bell notifications so. You’re notified during my next . Upload. And thank you guys so much for reading. Have a great day bye.

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