Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt

All these shenanigans but i don’t think. That’s gonna happen i think it’s gonna. Be alright. These are i guess they’re like a creamy. White colored super basic croc with the. Strap grabs with the strap be back with. The bow now we’re making a video again. Alright so i just took that one trying. To go in some sort of semblance i don’t. Know these are pretty fun they’re like. Funky tropical excitable easily. Funtastic a bowl and they’re very white. Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt – Moteefe. They have print all the way around this. Right i have a second one on best. Feeding. Wow these feel a lot smaller than i. Remember huh. Perfect shrink jeez another size 8 yeah.

Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt

So these are the big ones. No no what’s wrong with them they’re. Both a lot smaller i have had one pair. Of crocs so it’s actually these. Freestyle ones shrink on me but i shrink. Really fast and they replace them for me. I don’t know what’s going on with these. Man you guys might have to get rejected. This is very much making me sad this is. My favorite pair of purple crocs i don’t. Know they just look a lot smaller than. All the other crocs do now sighs all. Right i guess these are going in the art. Are jack rock pile on top of this video.

Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized T Shirt

That i’m doing and also doing an art. Project series with crocs so i mean it’s. Good it’s good to get another pair for. That because these are eights right and. They’re like giant lee huge on my feet. So that that’s really weird it’s usually. Fit me really good and or too big but. Huh all right these are very special. Pair these are china citrus is very. First pair of crocs oh my god they’re.

Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized V Neck T Shirt

Huge yeah these are actually for the. Miami dolphins is that the right thing. That likes football or baseball or. Whatever this is yeah these are actually. So worn off you can’t see what the. Bottom looks like i had these way too. Many years i mean my croc passion. Started when i was like teen like 12 i. Don’t know how all that was but they. Have 0% tread left on them oh there’s.

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