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The newspaper came. And i told him what happened i said he. Was possessed. Horror Movie In This House We Love Family Dream Big Poster I want the truth to be told that these. Things are. Real something terrible happened here. You cannot take this lightly. Good versus evil it’s real. Hey everybody this weekend marks the. Long-awaited release. Of the conjuring the devil made me do it. In one of the most chilling cases. Ed and laureen warren try to prove the. Innocence of arnie shane jackson. A young man who killed his landlord. While supposedly. In the throes of a brutal demonic. Possession now.

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If you’re a fan of the warrens and you. Like paranormal stories or. Ever listen to coast-to-coast as a kid. Was a real guy and in fact his defense. At his trial was that he was possessed. By the devil this is a court of law the. Standards of evidence are completely. Different the court accepts the. Existence of god. Every time a witness swears to tell the. Truth i think it’s about time to accept. The existence of the devil. Now in the press tour for the conjuring. The devil made me do it. All involved including patrick wilson. And vera farmiga. Have described the conjuring films as. Essentially ed. And lorraine warren fan fiction. Real-life paranormal investigators to. Sum their legends to other charlatans. Although it can’t be denied that some of. The stories they’ve told over the years.

Horror Movie In This House We Love Family Dream Big Poster Are really compelling many folks simply. Want to believe this stuff and it. Certainly makes for good popcorn fare. Judging from how the conjuring. Has grown into a billion dollar. Franchise for wanna brothers. Now at this point there are two kinds of. Conjuring films. There’s the legit conjuring movies. Meaning the conjuring the conjuring ii. The conjuring three. And the conjuring universe movies which. Include. Annabelle the nan the curse of lyrona. Etc etc etc now this is the third. Installment of the legit series although. In a disappointing move director james. Wan hasn’t returned in favor of. Kickstarting yet another. Franchise. With warner brothers malignant. Which comes out this fall to fill in. He’s chosen michael chaves. Who made the conjuring universe movie. The curse of lyorona which was pretty. Well reviewed. While not up to par with the previous. Two conjuring films and it’s a simple. Fact it’s just not. Chavez has made a solid addition to the. Franchise that i think. Will please hardcore fans of the saga. Well not up to par with the previous two. Conjuring films and it’s a simple fact. It’s just not. Chives has made a solid addition to the. Franchise that i think. Will please hardcore fans of the saga as. Opposed to the conjuring spin-offs the. Chief appeal. Of the legit conjuring movies has always. Been patrick wilson and vera farmiga as. The warrens and they’re back here and as. Good as ever. It was always a treat to see these aaa. Caliber actors dive into. As. They’ve always given the franchise a. Level of credibility it might not have. Had. Otherwise they ground the movies because. You can’t help but invest in the. Relationship between the warrens which. As always is pure adoration although in. Real life. I believe that things were a touch more. Complicated now perhaps the biggest. Disappointment of the movie is that. Patrick wilson’s ed feels more than a. Little sidelined here with his character. Suffering from a heart attack early on. That makes him a lot more passive than. He was in previous installments. For a while anyway however it does give. The film a sense of danger with him. Being in such a fragile state with. Lorraine having to take the more. Physically active role this time. Wilson and fermigard top-notch as always. And i doubt the movie would work. Nearly as well as it does without them. That said the scares in this one are a. Mixed bag. And if you can’t rely on the conjuring. Movies to be really scary then. It can’t be denied there’s a bit of a. Problem the movie starts with an. Absolutely kick-ass teaser depicting an. Exorcism gone awry with it climaxing in. Rory o’connor’s arnie. Taking possession of a demon to save his. Young brother-in-law’s life. It depicts the warrens arguably messing. Up with the whole thing. Going so wrong that it almost kills ed. Horror Movie In This House We Love Family Dream Big Poster And leaves arnie half crazy it gives. Them. Extra motivation to try and save the now. Possessed arnie from jail. And o’connor is likeable on the part if. Perhaps a little too. Clean-cut i mean he basically walks. Around with a halo over his head. You okay. Now you you just stay right there okay. Don’t move. I think i hurt someone my issue is that. The rest of the movie just. Doesn’t live up to this jaw dropping. Start the intro is so good i was.

Review Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt

Decent it’s quite slightly oversized to. Be fair. Um fits not bad i’d say it’s a tiny bit. Short just a tiny. Bit but it’s definitely more of like an. Oversized fit. What are you thinking algae i really. Like that yeah. Do you um it’s nice the one thing about. Adidas material i’m going to mention. Is it’s a it’s not like dead dead soft. And not you know nice on the skin it’s a. Little bit. Rough around the edges that’s one thing. That i’m going to say but. Apart from that it’s very nice right. Next up. I’m going to match it with these joggers. Review Rick And Morty Adidas Shirt So these are like a tapered fit sort of. Football jogger. But i think they’re going to be really. Good for the gym and for just chilling. Around the house i really like the color. As well. That is turquoisey green very ideal. These are in a size medium. We’re also just going to make a complete. Outfit so i’m going to pair it with. These adidas oswegos.

These were our absolute bargain i think. It came to like 60 quid or something. After the discount. Triple black if you’ve not tried oswego. Guys you need to give them a go because. They are honestly so comfy laura has got. Like three pairs i’ve got about three. Pairs. The pro the comfiest trainers i own and. The proper. Wear as well aren’t they like they’re. Really nice they match with quite a lot. Of different outfits. Let’s pair this together. [Music]. All right guys nice little street wear. Casual athleisure outfit. It’s not bad can’t go wrong with adidas. I think the trainers are really comfy. I know the pants are a little bit out. There like this bright green color i. Know some of you guys probably not going. To want to wear this but. It’s a little bit different like i’ve. Always got gray navy. Black it’s nice to mix it up and the the. Jugs actually fit really well these are. A size medium. Nice and comfy zip pockets which is. Ideal. Black jacket. And on top of this we’re going to throw. On this black. Truck jacket size extra large. Very stripy this outfit isn’t striped. A very stripy outfit but it’s nice if. You’re playing footy with the lads this. Is a very good outfit. Going to the gym chilling around the gap. Or you just want to like.

Go and get some shopping you just want. To knit to tesco. Get a few bits always at the traffic. Center aren’t we though that is one. Thing i’m probably missing a lot about. This lockdown. Not being able to go to the trafford. Center the gym the traffic center and. The cinema. I probably my three things you know like. The traffic. And like doing vlogs for you guys. Shopping it’s. Never mind anyway we’re here now. Let’s move on to the next outfit this. One is actually pretty nice. It’s quite a big fit but i think it does. Fit quite true to size. It’s really nice quality and it’s not. Too in your face it’s only got like a. Minimal stripe down the side. [Music]. Oh guys this is very nice so again. Keeping the streetwear theme. This is like an oversized sort of. Sweater i decided to go for an. Xl in this just because i like sweaters. To be a little bit bigger. It’s it’s more of a trend at the minute. As well i’d say to get. The clothes that are slightly bigger for. You i know like menswear you’re always. Going to stick to the essentials like. Nice fitting clothes. I’d rather be a little bit too big than. Too small. Spins yeah it like spins around the arm. So. Like twizzles and then you go around. Whoa. It’s actually really nice really nice.

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Quality as well like i said. The t-shirt wasn’t that soft this is. Really nice and soft. Very ideal very nice i really like this. It’s quite big but i think it looks like. A nice fit. Does it i think it’d look a nice fit on. Me as well you’re not having it. All right next outfit we’ve got another. Pair of trainers oswegos. In a different color which colorway do. You prefer guys. This one with the white sole and a. Little bit of the reflective strip. Or the triple black let me know in the. Comments and then. I’ll keep you know i mean i’ll keep the. Ones that you say i think i might prefer. These. Laura keeps going on that she prefers. These ones but. I think i might as well do yeah yeah. All right so next outfit we’ve got a. Nice training t-shirt from adidas. Obviously it’s an idios hall what am i. Saying um we got. Some joggers which are the same style. But like a different colorway and. They’ve not got stripes down the side. So the same fit but i actually got a. Size large in these because. Because they didn’t have a size medium. So i just thought i’d try them anyway. And it’s two different sizes for you. Guys to like compare i’m six foot two. About. I don’t know like 90 kilos and i need to. Get in lose a bit of weight. Chubby chubberson um but yeah i. Definitely go for a medium in the. Joggers. They’re just a little bit too big for me. A little bit too long and a bit big on. The waist. I really like the color of them i think. The color. Is spot on i like this three stripes. Down the side here and the trainers. I’ve got to say i think i prefer these. Ones to the triple black. I just think it gives a little bit more. Like pop.

Top Best Charlie Brown I Still Miss Tom Petty Shirt

Price when you’re choosing t-shirts on. Print on demand and there’s a reason for. That. That’s because the fabric is not very. Soft. All right it’s not nice it’s not that. Nice feeling at all i mean it’s okay. After a couple of washes but. Initially um not the best feeling and. That’s why it’s uh. The least expensive um but it’s a cool. Tee. No side seam and the fit is. It’s okay um it’s not boxy and it’s it’s. Not. Tapered or or like really fitted. Um fabric.. Not the best feeling man not the best. Best feeling. But it does have a rip away tag which is. Always good. Uh let’s take a look at it from the back. Um. Cool t-shirt but um i would say low. On lower on the quality scale. And the price 279 so you can see it’s a. Little bit less. And you know hey you get what you pay. For guys. All right gildan. Next level check this one out now great. Thing about. Next level is look at the fit really.




Great fit nice. Fitted to the body great i mean you can. See it on the mannequin. Here so let’s lay it out and um. First you know we’re going to give it a. Nice little feel and. Um it feels great it’s really. Soft really nice all right it’s. Um definitely a higher quality shirt and. Also. You’re gonna see right here that it too. Has a side seam. Okay which is a um telltale sign of a. Higher quality shirt and. The rip away tag here it is from the. Back the price. Of 439 so uh it’s a little bit it’s. It’s up there all right it’s up there. But it is a higher quality more premium. T-shirt. Next level. Bella canvas good old bella canvas. You’ve heard about them. Several times here at t-shirt help desk. Great t-shirt really light. Airy soft fantastic t-shirt with a great. Fit alright and let’s take a look as you. Guys. Should know bella canvas also has the. Side. Seam okay which gives it a really nice. Fit it’s light it’s not a heavy fabric. And it’s. Really really soft and of course it has. The. Rip away tag and as stated. Previously bella is one of the softest. On the market. All right right up there with next level. And in alternative apparel. Here it is from the back and the price. 439. But that’s from a middleman you can. Get it from bella canvas as most of. These for about. A dollar to 80 90 cents cheaper. Bella canvas. Next american apparel yes they are still. Around okay. Um they are really soft t-shirts. Really nice all right and just to let. You know this t-shirt. All the other ones were largest this one. Is a medium so if it seems extra snug. That’s because it is one size down okay. But it does have a. Really good fit all right and it has. That side seam okay so it is a. More premium shirt with a nice. Fit okay this is it from the side you. Can see that it is a good. Slim fit all right and it. Yes has the rip away tag. So great to brand with this. Is it from the back all right the price. 392 all right so it’s more on the. Premium side but. A little bit less and like all the other. Ones if you go straight to the. Manufacturer you can get it. For less all right guys as you can. See all of the t-shirts are 100 cotton i. Didn’t want to get into anything crazy. I didn’t want to get into the tri-blends. Or anything fancy schmancy like that. That’s gonna be for another video i. Wanted to keep it basic. 100 cotton t-shirts but there is one. Exception i. Am going to show you guys one 100. Polyester tee. This is a great t-shirt for any of you. Guys who are doing. Active who are doing sports people who. Are working out. Golf anything where people may be. Working out and get sweaty. Because 100 polyester is a natural. Wicking. Fabric meaning that if you’re sweating. It naturally will kind of. Wick that sweat away and another thing. About 100. Polyester tees is that they are. Great for sublimation in fact really. It’s the only thing you really. Can use for sublimation all right so if. You want to sublimate small and if you. Want to do. Those big all over sublimation tees you. Need a. 100 or at least a very high polyester. Content. But one little thing if you’re doing. Sublimation. This shirt has to be a light. Color preferably white all right. So let me show you. This is the jerseys dry power sport. T-shirt. Great shirt and it feels like a regular. T-shirt that’s what’s so great. About it alright so this is it. And it feels very similar to a standard. Jersey t-shirt if you didn’t know the. Difference you probably couldn’t tell. And it is soft. Not the softest but it is a soft t-shirt. In the back it doesn’t have the rip away. Tag. Okay so um branding. Is gonna be a little bit tricky but um. The price is also a little bit uh. More 563 this is it from the back but if. You want to do that athletic stuff. This is the way to go. That was a lot of t-shirts guys they. Were in no. Particular order i really wasn’t trying. To critique like that. I just wanted to present them to you so. You can make. Your decision on what’s going to be in. Your t-shirt line. Now when it comes to actually purchasing. These t-shirts. You can go to each brand’s respective. Website. But please note a lot of these companies. Are going to require you to have a. Wholesale or a. Retail license they may want to see your. Website. All right so you know you may have to do. That but you’re gonna get the absolute. Best prices now if you don’t have that. No worries you can go to places like. Jiffyshirts.com. Which is where i got all of these shirts. Okay they have you covered you don’t. Need. Any of that stuff you can just go you. Can buy as little. Or as many as you like so anyway guys. That’s all i got for you today. I’m gonna put some butt on my shoes and. Slide on. Out the dope cheers to your t-shirts. Start a t-shirt business or die trying. And do something good for somebody and. If you don’t have anyone to do something. Good for. Do something good for yourself god bless. And peace. Shirt man shirt man yeah that’s me. That’s when you take your t-shirt line. To a hoe. Damn that’s taking it to another level. Baby.

T-Shirt Shop In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

For most men the t-shirt and Jean look. Is their default outfit but all too. Often it looks terrible ugly dad jeans. Oversized t-shirts guys we’ve got to. Stop I’m sharing with you seven ways to. Wear a t-shirt and jeans and look. Amazing this first look drawing from the. 1950s we’re going for a classic cool. Old-school look first up let’s start. With the jeans going with a. Close-fitting pair of indigo denim and. Make sure you choose a pair with no. Holes we don’t want the distressed look. Let’s roll the cuff just slightly for a. Rugged cool appearance next up let’s add. The classic white t-shirt this is as. Timeless as it gets. In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt originally were used as. Undershirts. So gold with white is a callback to the. Roots of this menswear staple and keep. Them with the old-school look go with a. Dark brown combat style boot for a. Rugged aesthetic rounding off the outfit. We’ve got a great look and watch I chose. A core negraph with a silver case Navy. Dial and a dark brown leather band any. Man in reasonably good shape can rock. This outfit and look amazing hi Jen it’s.

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Time to embrace your dark side. So let’s switch out the Indigo for a. Pair of black jeans in a slim cut now. Let’s add a black v-neck t-shirt this. Creates a monochromatic look which lets. The eyes go up and down and creates a. Slimmer silhouette this combination is. Perfect for shorter or heavier guys as. It makes you look a little bit taller. And a little bit leaner the v-neck also. Emphasizes and broadens the chest making. You appear more muscular keeping with. The theme let’s go ahead and match this. With a pair of black fashioned sneakers. And please gentlemen don’t ruin this. Look with running shoes finally complete. The look with a stylish watch maybe with. A little bit of red accent right there. On the dial now this is a bold outfit. It’s gonna best compliment a man with a. High contrast complexion we’re talking. Darker hair lighter to medium colored. Skin that being said if you’ve got dark. Skin and dark hair this combination. Works for you too now just because. You’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Doesn’t mean you have to look super. Casual Let’s go bold here for this combination. Let’s start off with a pair of white. Jeans and match it with a burgundy. V-neck tee tuck in the shirt add a. Casual leather belt as you can see I. Chose one in dark brown right here. And now let’s elevate this look by. Bringing in a navy cotton blazer and. Don’t forget to toss in a fun pocket. Square and if you want to make this. Outfit look a little less buttoned up a. Little bit more cool go ahead and roll. The sleeves on the blazer. As for the footwear let’s go ahead and. Choose a pair of dark brown brogues and. Finish off the look with a silver watch. With a metal band I tell you this outfit. Right here killer simple casual but. Still sharp and put together so adding.

T-Shirt Shop In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

The right style pieces to your t-shirt. And Jean combination can make you look. Like a total badass so to start this. Look off let’s go back to our dark. Indigo jeans this is gonna be our base. This time let’s pair it up with a dark. Grey t-shirt so on top of this. Combination we’re gonna throw on a dark. Brown leather jacket this is gonna add. The bad-boy vibe seriously denim and. Leather have both been shown in studies. To give off the feeling of strong. Masculinity and a rugged appeal and. Let’s have a bit of flair to the outfit. By wearing a pair of suede Chelsea boots. To color let’s go with honey this right. Here is gonna be a little bit lighter. It’s gonna add a pop of color and draw. Attention and get you complements let’s. Top off the outfit with a nice watch a. Sleek chronograph with a gold case green. Dial and a brown leather strap sometimes. You just want to be laid-back and this. Outfit is the perfect way to show it so. We want to start this outfit off with a. Well-worn well fitted pair of distressed. Denim next up we’re gonna match it with. That classic white t-shirt next up we’re. Gonna add a grey button down over the. T-shirt we’re gonna leave it unbuttoned. And we’re gonna roll the sleeves for a. Relaxed look for the shoes let’s go with. The white sneakers as you can see they. Work really well with the white shirt. And with the pattern in the button-down. And of course bringing a nice watch. A simple chronograph with a silver case. White dial and blue leather strap now a. Lot of guys may think hey this outfit is. Too sloppy but it’s all about the fit. Gentlemen nail the fit with the. Button-down nail it with the t-shirt. Nail it with the jeans and you can make. This very casual look still look great.

Every man needs a great look for when. The warm weather hits however what we’re. Talking about here is something a little. Bit more attention grabbing. I’m telling you gents white jeans are. The perfect color choice when you want. To stand out and the hi they’re a bit eye-catching. But they’re also casual they’re. Comfortable and they’re gonna keep you a. Lot cooler than dark-colored Emma and to. Give them an even more relaxed look and. Make them cooler make sure to roll the. Bottom of your Jean cuffs for more. Ventilation now the pair with the white. Jeans let’s go ahead and add a striped. Navy tee I know it’s a bold combination. So you have to have confidence to be. Able to pull this off. Next up bringing some great Footwear. Like two-tone penny loafers and now. You’ve got a breathable stylish look and. Of course top off the look with a casual. Chronograph watch in gray for a solid. Combination so for this look let’s go. Back to our classic indigo jeans and. We’re going to pair them with a light. Gray crew neck t-shirt you want to add a. Denim jacket but let me be clear you. Want a different shade than your jeans. We’re not looking for the Canadian. Tuxedo look I find for most combinations. Having a little bit of contrast there is. A much better look so for your Footwear. Choice let’s go with something classic. But let’s go with something casual how. About long winged ropes and finally. Finish off the look with a great-looking. Watch in a silver case black dial and an. Eye-catching green strap which. Combination did you love which. Combination did you hate I want to hear. From you down in the comments so what. The store to watch next how about the. Essential wardrobe items every man needs. In his closet in 2020.

Never Underestimate A Woman Who Loves Camping And Was Born In April Shirt

I put it down to dark magic. But I’m still happy with the t-shirt. And then this one I actually have absolutely warned to death. Never Underestimate A Woman Who Loves Camping And Was Born In April Shirt But it is one of my favourite ones, I do love a navy t-shirt. And it is of Platform 9 3/4 and it is from the Platform 9 3/4 shop. But just a lovely navy t-shirt that again I wear under a lot of jumpers. It is a favourite of mine, I actually wore this underneath, The portrait that I did, the Wizarding portrait, so I have this like velvet like. I don’t know what it is, like this like medieval jacket but I was wearing this t-shirt underneath it, so it’s extra magical. Next one is another PR product that I received from Zavvi. And it was of their dark arts collection, so it’s got this like cool embroidered dark mark. And then it also has the dark mark on the back in green, there’s a selection of the clothing that they brought out. With some really cool things and I was allowed .

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To choose which ones I would like. And I chose this one in another sweatshirt, but this is the . T-shirt of that one that I got. So very fortunate to get that. Zavvi have a lot of cool things, so . Do check them out. This one is probably the most recent t-shirt that I have, which I only showed in my last video, this came from the Loot Crate box. And it features all these, well, beasts, Can I call them Fantastic Beasts…I guess so. There a thestral, billywig, a dragon, doxy, a bow truckle, thunderbird, there just, yeah it’s great  . I’ve never really seen t-shirts with this and I love how subtle this is. And it’s a lovely navy too, sorry, hopefully you can see that. It’s a lovely navy too, still really soft because it’s brand new.

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I actually forgot about the one I was wearing. A recent purchase of mine, I just loved how simple it was it’s Harry Potter. And it fits in shot when I’m filming, so when I was gonna do a Harry Potter t-shirt video. This one was ideal, of course I was going to go for that one. So of the official Harry Potter t-shirts and Harry Potter clothes that I have is 34, Who knew? Even I didn’t know how many, I had to count them when I was doing it and I had a lot of ironing to do.


If you have loved this content then please do me a favour and click that subscribe button. And then turn on notifications so that each and every week, when this new video, you’ll be notified. If you have any comments, then please do leave me some down below. I’m always looking at them, I’d love to hear your feedback. Remember to like this video and with that . The wizarding world is just one spell away. I’m really happy with that one, i’ll wear that a lot I think. And this one is quite an old one, this is of the Marauder’s Map because I do love. The Marauder’s Map and it’s this lovely maroon colour. Again from the Platform 9 3/4 shop which apparently I do all my shopping. So this is really cool and you can see that, it’s of the Marauder’s map, which I love. And again popping into Primark, looking through things, what’s there? I spot this. Deathly Hallows symbol, it’s a really soft top that’s still and i’ve had this for ages and worn it quite a lot. So if you’re ever going to Primark, I would recommend popping in, just having a look. Because sometimes they have really good things and they’re such a bargain. So yes definitely check out Primark, if you can. Another one I spotted in Primark, of this white Hogwarts and it’s a little bit more. Kind of abstract but there is definitely an eagle . So again we like book accuracy so that’s why I got that one. And the very last t-shirt I got is quite a special one, is when I went to the history of magic exhibition at the british library. And I’m sure a lot of people saw this artwork, this is the phoenix that I believe is by Jim Kay. And they had this t-shirt there and it does say the History of Magic. So it’s like, yes of course I’m gonna go for this, this is amazing. I love me some magical t-shirts. So that is a great one and there’s supposed to be the Fantastic Beast exhibit happening very soon. And hopefully there’ll be some more t-shirts and stuff or merchandise. That I get to look at and yeah I’m hoping there’s a t-shirt, because I’m gonna get that one from there as well. So that one wasn’t actually the last t-shirt, this is the last t-shirt.

Harry Potter Hates Ohio T-Shirt Collection

My secrets out you can see me through it. And then i almost missed one who’s. Warrick davis tiffany why is that so. Special. Hi everyone welcome back or welcome if. You are new today i want to show you my. Entire. Harry potter t-shirt collection. I’ve collected so many t-shirts. Throughout the years and i want to share. Them all with you. So let’s get into the store. All right so as you can see we have a. Lot of t-shirts here. I’m going to try to divide them by all. The places that i’ve got them from. And i want to make the store somewhat. Quick for you guys i’m not even sure how. Many pieces i have here so let’s start. Off with that i’m going to count each. Piece that we have and i will get you. That total. All right so i have a total of 24 harry. Potter. T-shirts that’s insane let’s go through. Each piece and i’ll show you where i got. Them from. And why i bought them all of those fun. Things so let’s go ahead and get into it. All right i don’t even know where to. Start so i’m just going to go ahead and. Pick up one of these piles. So the first Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt pile that we have here are. Gonna be these three t-shirts. I got them all from seeker and slade. They are a small. Shop i found them off of instagram they. Have some really cute t-shirts inspired. From the harry potter series. This first t-shirt here says sprouts. Botanical garden.

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It is so cute so this one is inspired by. Professor. Sprout so it’s going to have different. Things that you might find. In her greenhouse my favorite one is. Going to be the. Mandrake let’s see if you can see that. Here. Right here on the bottom and then here. At the bottom it tells you all the. Different ingredients that are on the. T-shirt. I will link all the shops down below so. If you want to find any of these. T-shirts. Some of them may be out of stock because. I’ve collected a lot of these t-shirts. Throughout the years. I’ve been a fan of harry potter for. Quite a long time but if i find them. I’ll definitely link them down in my. Description box. So that is going to be the first t-shirt. My next t-shirt that i got from there.

That’s another one of my all-time. Favorites is going to be this one that’s. Inspired by honeydukes it says. Anything off the trolley. That was probably the worst accent i. Don’t know what it is. But i always have to say that quote with. An accent but i’m so sorry i know i. Probably didn’t do that justice. But i just love this t-shirt it’s so. Cute it’s definitely inspired by the. Honeydukes colors. That bright mint color with that nice. Pop of pink in the text.

And it’s just simple and very cute what. I really like about this shop. Is that all their pieces don’t just. Scream harry potter. Not like the shirt that i’m wearing. Currently that just says gryffindor with. The crest on it. So this one is clearly harry potter. T-shirt but someone. That doesn’t really know Harry Potter Hates Ohio Shirt. That well would see this shirt and they. Might not get it right away. And i think that’s so special so someone. Points it out i know they’re a true. Harry potter fan.

So i do love their t-shirts so that. Leaves us with the last t-shirt that. I’ve got from them. This one is inspired by the order so in. The front here. It’s going to be just on the like side. Pocket if you had like a side pocket i. Know there’s not a pocket on this. T-shirt. But you get what i mean so this has the. Key for grimmel. Place so it’s number 12 grimmell play so. The number 12 is on there. And it has a phoenix for the order i. Just think this is so. Cute and then the back is where it’s. Really banging. Because it shows you grandma place i. Hope i’m getting. Everything in the screen but the back of. The shirt is just so. Gorgeous i love this piece i love the. Colors. It’s this really pretty light gray with. The pops of. Tan and blue throughout it so i want to. Show you the close-up of the. Door number 12.

It’s just so cute. All right so that was the first three. T-shirts and they were from seeker and. Slade. Next i have a couple t-shirts that i got. From target i love. Target it’s one of my favorite stores in. The whole wide world and that they carry. Some harry potter merchandise. Oh just makes it that much better so the. First one is going to be the t-shirt. That i’m wearing. It’s just a simple gryffindor tee and it. Has the. Crest on it it’s in gryffindor’s colors. It’s so cute i just love this t-shirt i. Believe i even got it in the men’s. Department. That’s where all the cool harry potter. T-shirts are hidden. So if you’re having a hard time finding. Some harry potter tees go check out the. Men’s t-shirts. My next one from target is going to be. This deathly hallows t-shirt. It’s in this really pretty heathered.

Gray color. And it just has this simple deathly. Hallows logo. I like pairing this one with my black. Jean shorts it looks so cute tucked in. But that is going to be my deathly. Hallows tea my next one is this. Platform nine and three quarters tea and. At the bottom it says hogwarts express. Very simple very cute also from the. Men’s department. The next one was from the juniors. Department this one is so cute. I just wore this one in my alex and ani. Collection haul. It is so adorable so it has 12 different. Harry potter icons on here it’s so cute. It’s got a time turner it’s got the. Sorting hat. It’s got what’s this one oh the potions. Master book. It has a snitch it’s got harry’s glasses. It’s got a little bit of everything on. Here it’s so cute and then it’s on. This gray tee and at the very bottom. Here it has the harry potter logo. And it’s definitely one that i wear. Often i love this t-shirt.

all right these next ones i got from. Some subscription boxes that i’ve been a. Part of. So the first one here is going to be. From the accio box and it’s a hogwarts. Acceptance letter. And on the very bottom here it says. Still waiting. And then on the back they have their. Accio logo. Very simple very cute i love what they. Use to make these t-shirts on they’re. Very buttery soft. They are the bella canvas t-shirts and i. Love these ones. Seeker inflate also makes our t-shirts. With the same brand. I love how simple and clean this one. Looks it’s so cute. So this one is definitely one of my. Favorites all right these next ones i. Believe are from. Geek gear and to be totally honest and. Transparent. These are not my absolute favorite if. These shirts didn’t come in a. Subscription box. I probably wouldn’t have went out of my. Way to purchase them. So the first one here says give socks. Free elf it’s very cute. It’s just a little too gimmicky for me i. Don’t really. Love a t-shirt with a huge font like. This and as much as i love the colors of. This shirt it’s a simple white with this. Really pretty teal. I’m just not a big fan of the giant text. That goes down the entire front. Middle of the shirt here so for that. Reason i don’t really wear this one out. This is just one of the t-shirts that i. Would wear to bed i don’t find myself. Grabbing this one or wearing this one. Very often the next one is kind of the. Same case. I really like the color i’m just not a.

Really big fan of the artwork on here. They are some cornish pixies but as you. Know for my harry potter amazon haul. I do love cornish pixies i just am not a. Huge fan of this big. Silhouette t-shirt so for that reason i. Don’t wear it that often. This next one is more of a death eaters. Themed t-shirt. It has a death eaters mask on the front. I think this one is bellatrix lestrange. And i do think that the. Design is pretty unique i haven’t seen. Anything like this one before. But i am just not the biggest fan of it. I don’t like the big artwork down the. Middle the next one. Would be my absolute favorite t-shirt. And i have worn this one out. I think it’s really cute because i just. Love dobby. So this one is a dobby themed one it. Says free house elves. Donate a sock and then on the very. Bottom here it has. Spew written on this side which stands. For society promotion elfish welfare. So that is the design of this one i. Think i’ve worn this one to the parks. Before. I’ve tucked it into my black jean shorts. I think you can even tell that i’ve worn. It quite often. It’s a little faded because i’ve washed. It a little bit. They’re not made on the highest quality. Tees and that’s just one thing about. Geekers t-shirts they’re not made with. The highest quality of t-shirt. Material that’s why most of those are. Not my favorite but i do like this one a. Lot. I know a few of you in the comments have. Suggested that i should do some. Subscription box unboxings if you are. Interested in seeing that kind of. Content for me. Let me know in the comments below i. Don’t know how soon i’d be able to do a. Subscription box unboxing yet. But if you do have any suggestions i. Want to hear from you what boxes you are. Interested in. Leave them in the comments below all. Right these next ones are from the. Wizarding world at universal studios in. Orlando. This first t-shirt is a purple one. And it is the night bus inspired of. Course if it’s gonna be purple it’s. Probably gonna be a night bus so on the. Top left corner of the shirt it has the. Night bus logo here and then everywhere. Else is just purple. It’s super simple so on the back it says. All destinations. Nothing underwater just like it says on. The back of the night bus itself. All right so that’s the night bus tee. All right so the next one is a tank top. And it just has the gryffindor crest in. The middle here. And this is actually a pajama tank top. They have it pairing with pajama shorts. Or pajama pants. But i think the tank top is super cute. And most people wouldn’t even know that. It’s a pajama shirt. But i think it’s super cute but now you. Guys all know. My secret’s out but i probably will. Still wear it out in public because i. Think it’s just a super cute simple. Gryffindor tank top the next two you. Would have already seen if you’ve seen. My universal studios haul. I will link it in a card above so we. Have this hogwarts alumni. Long sleeve t-shirt it’s in the simple. Gray heathered color. And it’s very buttery soft and i love a. Good long sleeve t-shirt moment. So we have this one the next one is. Going to be. A spirit jersey and this is a hogwarts. Spirit jersey it’s in a very light gray. Color. With a maroon pop and then it is also. Long sleeve of course and it has these. Two stripes on both sleeves. So in the front here it just has the. Hogwarts crest so this is a hogwarts. Spirit jersey. And then i almost missed one we also. Have this one from universal and i would. Have showed this one in my universal. Studios haul. And it is the butterbeer t-shirt very. Soft and cozy and it’s in that brown. Heathered color so this one is just a. Simple butterbeer design. Love this one so this one is one of my. Favorites it’s. So cute it’s this really pretty tie-dye. Design. And then it has the deathly hallows in. The center. With this beautiful rose floral. Design on the edges of the deathly. Hallows. And then here’s the back with more of. That tie-dye design. It is so beautiful i love this t-shirt. And this one is from boxed lunch. I love this t-shirt it’s only t-shirt i. Have from there i have a long sleeve. From there. That i don’t have in this video but i’ve. Worn it before and it’s a green one that. I wore my harry potter amazon favorites. Part two. And that one is also from box lunch i. Believe that that one is dirty i. Couldn’t find it to show you. In this video so i actually do have two. T-shirts that i bought from box lunch. The next one i have is really special to. Me this one i bought at hot topic. And you might be seeing this one and. You’re gonna be like tiff why is that. One so. Special to you it’s just a gryffindor. T-shirt and it. Is it’s just a gryffindor t-shirt it. Looks very faded. But this one is so special to me because. I wore this when i went to universal. Studios in orlando. And i met warwick davis and if you’re. Like. Who’s warwick davis tiffany why is that. So special. He’s the actor that played grip hook and. Professor. Flitwick yes i met him at the parks. He was so kind i was completely. Starstruck when i met him. If you want to hear more of the story. Please let me know in the comments below. I can make a story time about it. But it’s so crazy how it happened and it. Was very random i had no idea that i. Would run into him there. So that’s what makes this t-shirt my. Favorite t-shirt because it has that. Special meaning behind. It and i just remember that special time. That i had. So i love this one and it is super cozy. And soft and it was from hot topic if i. Didn’t say that before. This next stack is from some etsy shops. All right this next one. I think you would have seen me wear it. In my universal haul i believe. And it says okay but first butterbeer. And i’ve worn this one. To the theme parks before and i think. It’s so cute. One of my good friends gifted it to me. We had matching t-shirts that day. I really love this butterbeer t-shirt. And butterbeer is amazing if you haven’t. Tried it before. I highly recommend it if you ever go to. The park and you can also make it at. Home. It’s so yummy this next one is a swish. And. Flick t-shirt so that would be inspired. By professor footwick. He says that in the charms class when. They’re doing the wingardium. Leviosa charm so this one’s very cute. And simple i’ve worn this one to the. Parks before. I actually ordered it in a size two big. But that was totally okay because i just. Cut the bottom of it off and made it. Into. More of a crop top and i was much more. Happy with that. So this one’s a little more wide than i. Would like but i still made it work. Because i cropped it off and it is super. Cute very simple. This light peachy pink color with the. Black font on it. All right this next one says accio. Whiskey. And this one is actually my husband’s. T-shirt i don’t know where my matching. One went. So i’m just showing you his so right. After our wedding we took our honeymoon. At universal studios in orlando and we. Wore these. Matching t-shirts so his said accio. Whiskey and it has. This bottle of whiskey on here that says. Hogwarts bourbon whiskey. Nine and three quarters percent alcohol. All right so if you can see that here. And it’s in this really. Pretty maroon color with the gold. Foiling. Font hope you can see everything. On there so my t-shirt said accio. Champagne if i can find a picture of it. I will put it on the screen here. But i can’t find where i put it so. That’s why i just went ahead and showed. You my husband’s t-shirt. And the last one that came from a etsy. Shop is this dumbledore’s. Army tank top and at the very bottom it. Says. Hogwarts so this t-shirt is a cross. Between. Harry potter and sons of anarchy so i’m. A huge fan of both. So me and one of my girlfriends love. Sons of anarchy and harry potter. So she actually gifted me this tank top. And it’s so cute we actually were. Matching ones to the park. I think it’s so cool and something so. Different than anything i’ve seen before. So i really love this one all right so i. Only have three more t-shirts and these. Ones are kind of miscellaneous because i. Don’t remember exactly where they are. From. Most of them are gifts so i have this. Hogwarts alumni t-shirt that one of my. Best friends got me and it’s a v-neck. And it’s just gray with some maroon font. Very soft very cute the next one is this. Gryffindor t-shirt so it has the. Caressed on the corner there and then on. The back. It says gryffindor and it is pretty. See-through i don’t know if that’s. Showing up on camera but let me see. Yeah look you can see me through it. So yes it’s very see-through it’s very. Thin. It’s in this heathered material but it’s. Very cute and it’s. Great for florida because it’s so hot. Here so you definitely want some. T-shirts that can breathe. And then this last one was gifted to me. From my husband. And it is this really cute picket. T-shirt. And it shows him coming out of the. Pocket here i think you might have got. This one from amazon i’m not 100. Sure but as i said before if i find all. These items i will definitely link them. In my description box below all right so. That concludes today’s harry potter. T-shirt collection haul if you’d like. This Harry Potter Hates Ohio T-Shirt Collection . Please give me a big thumbs up don’t. Forget to like. Turn on your bell notifications so. You’re notified during my next . Upload. And thank you guys so much for reading. Have a great day bye.

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It’s Not A Dad Bod It A Father Figure Beer Cool Mountain Shirt

Wouldn’t look as good as black i hope. That makes sense so anyway i have my. Hand now and the hand is cut out we’re. Good to go there. We don’t need to do anything else there. I could just kind of make sure Father Figure’s. Centered that’s about all you need to do. Actually i’m gonna convert this to a. Smart object just like that so all i did. Was right clicked on Father Figure and then convert. To smart object now what i need to do is.

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Go get my heart so this one is actually. Already cut out for me so i’m just gonna. Drag that in place and then rotate Father Figure. Command t on your keyboard to rotate. This is also a different heart which is. Okay i wanted to change Father Figure up just a. Father Father Figure Figure for this tutorial basically i. Found a real-life image of a heart and i. Cut the background out simple as that. You can use the lasso tool for that as. Well next thing i want to do is actually. Desaturate everything so i’m gonna take. Everything and just desaturate Father Figure. Completely and there’s a reason why i’m. Doing this i want to see the light. Difference right i want to see if things. Match up so for example this heart looks.

A Father Figure  brighter than everything else. So i’m gonna go to levels and just kind. Of try to fix that real quick i just. Want everything to look like Father Figure matches. So i think that looks pretty good we. Added some more contrast Father Figure the levels. So now we have a heart and a half hand. That’s what i tfather Figureled Father Figure at least so now. We’re good to go there now that this. Heart is black and Father Figure i’m going to. Convert Father Figure to. Smart object again i’m gonna go up to. Image adjustments and we’re going to add. A gradient map to Father Figure the next thing i.


Want to do is add a gradient map above. The actual heart and change the color of. Father Figure so we’re gonna do that real quick i’m. Just gonna go down here add a gradient. Map and i want to make sure Father Figure’s a red. Gradient map and we also want to reverse. That okay so Father Figure’s gonna look something. Like this. And then we could go from normal to soft. Light just like that so as you can see. Father Figure’s only affecting the heart and we can. Also force this Father Figure the heart by. Adding a clipping mask and these are all. Things that i do in every tutorial so. You should be familiar Father Figure this kind of. Process but if not don’t worry take your. Time so i’m gonna kind of just adjust. The gradient just a Father Figure i think. This looks pretty good i actually like. The color of that i think Father Figure looks. Really really cool Father Figure’s really poppy the. Next thing i want to do is add another. Gradient map above the hand make sure. Father Figure’s reversed and then for this one i. Want to kind of focus on the skin tones. Right so i’m gonna go to oranges and. Just kind of figure out what would be a. Good skin tone change the blend mode to. Soft light again just like that and as. You can see Father Figure’s affecting the heart we. Just need to add that clipping mask to. The hand also affecting the leafs and. Stuff like that and we don’t want that. But we’re gonna mask that out so now. What i want to do is just kind of figure. Out what color i want this to be so i’m. Gonna go through these colors real quick. Kind of figure Father Figure out i’m not really a. Big fan of any of these if i’m being. Honest Father Figure you i guess that one. Actually doesn’t look too bad Father Figure’s. Affecting the shadows a Father Figure  too much. But Father Figure’s fine i’m gonna change the fill. A Father Father Figure Figure all right so that looks.

Good so now what i want to do is invert. This mask on here go to a soft brush i’m. Just going to a soft round brush and i’m. Just gonna paint over this right and add. This back once you’re done filling in. The hand you could do the same thing for. The rose but i think we might be able to. Trick this a Father Father Figure Figure so what i want. To do is actually duplicate that mask so. I’m just gonna do command j to duplicate. And you can also right click Teechip – Mountain It’s Not A Dad Bod It’s A Father Figure Shirt and. Duplicate the layer if you wanted to and. Then i’m gonna add another clipping mask. But this time i’m gonna invert the mask. And see if that does anything so Father Figure. Looks like Father Figure did now let’s go and go to. A green color go back to the gradients. And go to a green color any green color. You want and as you can see we have the. Leaf selected now and we can also see. Kind of the improv. Affections – so from here we just want.

The Schitt In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Shirt

What i’m trying to say is that you know. The Schitt re’s a level of digital. Um elements that we will keep. And uh it enables us to connect to The Schitt. World. In a way that you know might sound. Really obvious to. The Schitt In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Shirt audience but actually it wasn’t you. Know it was like. Oh well you know we need to invite. Somebody from new york well actually no. You can invite somebody from new york on. Zoom and it takes you know. And and it’s easy and you realize that. Actually people maybe because of The Schitt. Time but i think in general. People actually quite generous you know.

If The Schitty have that five minutes if The Schitt. Have that uh. Half an hour The Schitty will The Schitt will accept. That interaction with you. And so it it made us really connect you. To so many people even in london people. That we could not bring to The Schitt course. From london we The Schittn suddenly came to The Schitt. Course you know we. We run mentorships we run projects in. That way we had. We we managed to get fantastic judge for. The Schitt loreal award that you know maybe. I would have never dared to approach and. To to bring to The Schitt course like gabriella. Carrefa johnson for instance. You know somebody that i really was. Looking up to and i said well why not. Try. And The Schittn it worked you know and um so. In term i think The Schitt changes for me are. Not The Schittre i think that. Those for me are normal changes that you. Know i. Look at The Schitt present i think changes to. Me are about maybe what are The Schitt. Expectations that. We have and our students have about The Schitt.

Course uh what is employability. Coming out of that course how does The Schitt. Industry include our students. Is it The Schitt way it was The Schitt way we even. Still you know we’re promoted about you. Know you’re going to be. Somebody working at The Schitt forefront of. In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt are you really. And if you are in what way is The Schitt. Forefront of In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt. The Schitt fire that’s what i want to change. Yeah yeah well st martin’s has always. Been. On The Schitt forefront of In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt it’s good to. Hear that. Um you’re you’re thinking about that. Still. I guess i would go ahead fabio did you. Want to add something else. You know it is about you know we need to. Also understand what is it that we’ve. Been successful at. Doing and and enhancing that and maybe. Bring anoThe Schittr. AnoThe Schitt element into it into The Schitt mix and. To. What is a career in In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt today for. Instance yeah. What is success yeah The Schitt values. You know we discuss all that on The Schitt. Course and The Schitt final element. That we do very well but we never really. Um. You know i think that we need to bring. It forward it’s it’s um. Enterprise creative enterprise which. Doesn’t mean necessary but talking about. Business we’re talking about The Schitt context.

In which. You would see a potential business and i. Think we’ve been quite good at that. But in a way we’re never really. Implement it in our curriculum it’s been. Kind of it’s been part of it and i. Really want to change that. Maybe maybe to The Schitt designers now um. You know fabio just mentioned. Employability. You know lots of lots of designers. Coming out of. Uh In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt schools like csm go. And set up The Schittir own labels oThe Schittrs. Decide to go get. Experience in you know a big house or. Brand. How are how are all of you navigating. That question right now because. You know on The Schitt one hand you know for. Example shaney you have this whole. Virtual. Collection and this amazing vision for. What In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt can be have you thought. About how you’re going to make that. Your career yeah yeah i. My next step is actually doing anoThe Schittr. Ama in fine art. But i think it’s very important to. Realize one thing when. A In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt designer is talking about you. Are going into fine art and The Schittn people. Feel like. The Schittre is a exclusion from The Schitt In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt.

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That’s My Awesome Grandson Out There Shirt

Me that like look Joshua like my son my. Good boy um like like you will get. Through this no matter what because I. Know you like I know that you’re a good. Filmmaker and I know that you’re someone. Who will get what he wants and make sure. It happens because he cares about things. And that kind of stuck with me and I. Kind of took that on when overcoming. That’s My Awesome Grandson Out There Shirt – Moteefe Like a bunch of other challenges then my. Grandfather passed away like a week and.

That’s My Awesome Grandson Out There Shirt

A half before production after he passed. Away and right before my shoot it really. Really really crushed me and I did not. Know what to do at all I did take steps. Back and I had to reevaluate a lot of. Things in my life but I just kind of. Told myself when he told me saying just. Like just do it like like you can do it. Because you will get what you want and. You will just do it because you can with. That I kind of just persevered and I. Made my film knowing that my grandfather. Would never actually watch it and never.

That’s My Awesome Grandson Out There Hoodie

Find out about my like sexual identity. So six months after I made the film i’m. In finished locking the picture my. Producer and I decided to show the film. To the people who helped with giving us. The locations the people of the bails. Boat workshop in Port Jefferson Long. Island and after the screening something. Really remarkable happened there was. This old man sitting in the back who I. Didn’t really know and he can too came. Up to me and just told me like that he. Was really glad that I made the film and. I asked him why and he told me that his. Daughter. Um was gay like he had a very hard time.

That’s My Awesome Grandson Out There Sweatshirt

Like trying to come to terms with her. Sexuality and he kind of wish he watched. The film before this ever happened. Because there wouldn’t have been that. Like five years of just not talking to. Each other I imagine that if my. Grandfather did see it he would probably. Say the same thing he would probably say. That I’m glad that you showed me this. First so I could relive like feel the. Emotions of what would be like if coming. Out turned sour so that he would kind of. Know what to do. If I could. You.

The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Shirt

You know brandon i have brother but i. Need to be sure yeah so i sent him a. Paternity test. He took it he sent it back to me i took. It and sitting in in 99.99 percent it is. That this is the craziest this should be. Made into a movie is the craziest thing. Ever but christine you said you already. The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Shirt Had a debt so tell us about the family. That raised you so and did he he thought. He was your The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Shirtright he did yeah oh. That’s heartbreaking.

The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Shirt

It is um yeah i was raised in a pretty. Big family i was the baby of six you. Know growing up i always had that sense. Of disconnect like who am i because i. Didn’t share similarities with my family. Like we didn’t we didn’t share anything. Yeah i’m very strong in my faith so you. The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Shirt Know they are not and so that was like. Huge for me too but the biggest thing is. Like you know growing up not having that. Self belonging or feeling like you know. Like something’s missing like you always. Have that things off yeah like you have.

The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Sweatshirt

That tug like why don’t i mean there’s. Five of you and it looked like any of. The five you know like i don’t look and. I certainly didn’t look like the man who. Raised me so it was just that like you. Know just always had that like who am i. Like do i belong is this where i belong. Yeah did you ever get to talk to your. Mom at all no not at all she owned you. Know obviously she made some bad. The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Shirt Decisions she made a lot of bad choices. The only one time that i did get to talk. With her when i was 27 years old she. Called me and she wanted to make amends. But i wasn’t in a good place for that. Because i wasn’t mad and i was angry.

The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Hoodie

So i mean she died two years later do. You feel like you missed that. Opportunity i do i feel like you know if. I would have known she was sick i would. Have been different but yeah i know he. Go i cry a lot i haven’t like here on. Standby i’m just throwing it it’s like. That’s the beauty of this that was. Because when i called my biological. Father. Um stephen he was just so nice yeah this. The World’s Greatest Non Biological Dad Shirt Must have been just crazy for you – i. Haven’t even addressed you – i can’t. Imagine like you’d be like yeah let’s. Find out about your mom and then it’s. Like a completely different story like.

Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt

These kids aren’t playing. The game some of them are sitting out. Their senior season the season that. They’re supposed to shine that maybe. Gives them that great college. Scholarship. Well yeah there’s a lot going on it’s. Very frustrating for college coaches too. I’m i mean i’ll be on. Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt – Moteefe The phone with a guy from arizona state. When we get off the. This interview they’re frustrated.

Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt

Because they they love to come see. Kids you know part of their process is. Meeting someone. It’s really uh hard from a distance to. To truly get to know someone. The reality is kids all over this state. Are struggling and. And if i’ve learned one thing in this. Last week you know we’re 6 000 humble. Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt Football coaches with our staff. Who work very hard i. I cannot emphasize to you enough the. Political arrogance and let me give you. Examples. I in good faith have reached out for our. Local county supervisor.

Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az T Shirt

Nathan fletcher to meet daily mutual. Friends contacting him. People on twitter every time he tweets. He’s dealing with our issue. Because our people won’t let him not. Deal with the issue he won’t return my. Call. You know we have a governor and i. Realize he has a difficult job. But he’s on tv talking about two. Gorillas yesterday contracting coven. And i love animals i love animals as. Much as the next guy. But i have an athlete in oakland. California we have different. Socioeconomic conditions at our schools. The coach shared a story yesterday. A kid left their program two of them. Went back to gang life one of them’s.

Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Hoodie

Already dead. We’ve had kids commit suicide we have. Kids with depression. Anxiety a sense of hopelessness and our. Governor’s on tv. Talking about two gorillas like i don’t. Understand. Why we cannot get engagement on this. Issue. We in a week have gathered all the data. From our in-state workouts. Let Them Play May 2021 I Chandler Az Shirt We’ve touched our kids over a million. Times. We have tracked all coveted cases we. Have two coveted cases that have been. Traced back to workouts. In over a million touches and here’s. What

Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Mobility Scooter Shirt

Hello, nice that you stop by here. I want you guys in this video. Useful information about a. Current electromobile also give the. Years called mobile at the beginning I take it. Take you on a real ride with him. Also a feeling for them. Speeds meanwhile. You will learn some basic details. Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Mobility Scooter Shirt – Moteefe. Show about electric vehicles after the ride. I’ll give you some equipment details. The spacious topcase and the storage space. There is enough space under the seat. Your purchases are also located here. The safety switch with which the.

Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Mobility Scooter Shirt

Entire power supply switched off. Can be. Both storage spaces are natural. Lockable you can see my father here. At 81 years of age in real driving. He already has his electric vehicle. For half a year and is. Meanwhile driven about 400 kilometers. So now just sit on the key. In the ignition switch. Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Mobility Scooter Shirt Armrest down. Step on the gas and off you go. A senior mobile is practical and. Helps them to live independently. To lead. This is the model. Luxury 4800 which is apparently identical. Is on the market with a few others. Models offered such as.

Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Mobility Scooter T Shirt

The electric velo f 1000 eco angel. Cornelia ott 4000 and definitely still. Some more. However, with these different. Models also differ in the. Maximum speed exist. Luxury 4800 has a maximum. Speed ​​of 20 kilometers per hour. Which I will briefly mention in advance. There are currently many. Models in the weekly. Promotional brochures offered most. Of that at a top speed. From 25 kilometers per hour. It should be noted, however, that with these. Models with 25 kilometers per hour. Either a seat belt obligation or one. Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Mobility Scooter Shirt Helmets are compulsory that means you can. You decide if you prefer yourselves.

Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt

All these shenanigans but i don’t think. That’s gonna happen i think it’s gonna. Be alright. These are i guess they’re like a creamy. White colored super basic croc with the. Strap grabs with the strap be back with. The bow now we’re making a video again. Alright so i just took that one trying. To go in some sort of semblance i don’t. Know these are pretty fun they’re like. Funky tropical excitable easily. Funtastic a bowl and they’re very white. Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt – Moteefe. They have print all the way around this. Right i have a second one on best. Feeding. Wow these feel a lot smaller than i. Remember huh. Perfect shrink jeez another size 8 yeah.

Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized Shirt

So these are the big ones. No no what’s wrong with them they’re. Both a lot smaller i have had one pair. Of crocs so it’s actually these. Freestyle ones shrink on me but i shrink. Really fast and they replace them for me. I don’t know what’s going on with these. Man you guys might have to get rejected. This is very much making me sad this is. My favorite pair of purple crocs i don’t. Know they just look a lot smaller than. All the other crocs do now sighs all. Right i guess these are going in the art. Are jack rock pile on top of this video.

Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized T Shirt

That i’m doing and also doing an art. Project series with crocs so i mean it’s. Good it’s good to get another pair for. That because these are eights right and. They’re like giant lee huge on my feet. So that that’s really weird it’s usually. Fit me really good and or too big but. Huh all right these are very special. Pair these are china citrus is very. First pair of crocs oh my god they’re.

Croc-aholic An Addition Characterized V Neck T Shirt

Huge yeah these are actually for the. Miami dolphins is that the right thing. That likes football or baseball or. Whatever this is yeah these are actually. So worn off you can’t see what the. Bottom looks like i had these way too. Many years i mean my croc passion. Started when i was like teen like 12 i. Don’t know how all that was but they. Have 0% tread left on them oh there’s.

In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

The Schitt creek one of the sweetest shows. On television has sadly come to an. End In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt six remarkable seasons the. Brainchild of dan levy and his father. Comedy legend eugene levy this heartfelt. Hilarious show was an instant classic. Right out of the gate. No wonder the rose family is a truly. Unforgettable bunch. Eugene levy plays johnny rose the often. Flummoxed businessman father. Dan levy plays his endlessly anxious son. David rose. Then there’s the eccentric matriarch.

In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt

Moira played by the legendary catherine. O’hara. And let’s not forget david’s spoiled but. Entirely lovable sister alexis played by. Annie murphy. In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt the family’s video store empire. Crumbles beneath them. And leaves them penniless the family is. Forced to relocate to the town of The Schitt . Creek. Which they once purchased as a joke many. Of the show’s earlier episodes revealed. That the roses were highly dissatisfied. With their newly modest way of life. Every member of the rose family.

Eventually warms to their circumstances. Even though they’re cooped up in. Adjoining rooms at the rundown rosebud. Motel. In the pitch perfect finale the levees. And the cast and crew of The Schitt creek. Let audiences say goodbye to the family. In one final surprisingly moving episode. Most of the sixth and final season of. The Schitt creek was leading up to a big. Wedding. Well in the final episode david and his. Loving fiance The Schitt. Played by noah reed finally tie the knot. Almost immediately the proceedings hit a. Major snag. A storm hit the town and was expected to. Last all day. Sadly david prioritized an outdoor pizza. Oven. Over a tent and since the officiant he.


Hired only travels by penny farthing the. Wedding has no venue and no one to. Preside over it. Since everyone else is too emotional to. Handle the ceremony. Moira steps up to the challenge. Meanwhile The Schitt and ever sarcastic. Stevie played by emily hampshire work to. Find a wedding venue. Oh and The Schitt arranges a massage for. David which comes with. An extra surprise In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt securing the. Town hall for the ceremony The Schitt and. Stevie return to find david. In an uncharacteristically good mood and. Right away he thanks The Schitt for booking. Him such an. Unforgettable massage that was the first. Time i have. Ever received a happy ending. Sir what did you just say horrified. The Schitt says that definitely. Wasn’t part of the plan then he realizes. Something. Asking the masseuse to treat david well. And leaving an envelope of cash may have. Sent the wrong message. Thankfully this raunchy rub down doesn’t. Turn into some big drama.

Thanks to The Schitt’s understanding. Attitude and david’s freewheeling. Sexuality. The wedding is still very much on. Ultimately the wedding goes perfectly. Despite the fact that alexis walks david. Down the aisle in a wedding dress. Apparently the fact that it came with a. Tulle headdress didn’t faze her. This is not a wedding dress it’s a white. Floor-length gown it’s very different. Moira dressed as the pope in a long. Blonde wig. Delivers a touching and tearful ceremony. And just in case you weren’t crying. Already. David and The Schitt deliver an emotional. Set of vows in a nod to the first time. The Schitt told david that he loves him. He sings mariah carey acapella while. David tells The Schitt that he’s never felt. So. Safe and loved and that is truly his. Happy ending. Cut to the next morning it’s time for. Everyone to part ways. In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be The Schitt Shirt a sleepless night celebrating the. Wedding moira and johnny set off for.

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